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March 2023 Message from the Chair

Dear Members and Friends, We continue our dynamic strategic conversations with you, our membership, to see how we can uniquely support your ambitions in the PNW-UK trade corridor and on the ground in the UK. The first of our British-American Series: UK Market Entry, is an exemplar of that work with the exceptional expertise of our Patron Members RSM and Simmons & Simmons available to you. We have also met in person, on your behalf, key members of the new UK Department of Business and Trade (DBT) team during their North American Roadshow in Cambridge, UK hosted by our Patron Amazon at their fabulous Development Centre there.

The announcement by DBT Secretary of State, The Rt. Hon. Kemi Badenoch, MP of the UK’s membership of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) coupled with the handshakes on the Australia-UK-US (Aukus) deal in San Diego with President Biden and PMs Sunak and Albanese this month, represents a huge boost to Britain’s Indo-Pacific trade tilt with the related defense commitments to back it up. Add in the UK’s defense agreements with Japan and their F-X Fighter Program! All this represents a huge opportunity for BABC-PNW members and working with our friends and partners at the Australian American Chamber of Commerce in the Pacific Northwest will help maximize reach for those opportunities arising with Global Britain.

The Farnborough Space Expo and the BritishAmerican Business Network (BABN) Conference in London are both fast approaching in June and we will be attending. Please reach out to us if you want your business promoted during the 2 day expo and we can also make any introductions for you if you are intending to attend the BABN Conference in London. See below for details, it's free to attend. Join us! We are here for you. Dr. Raymond Davies Chair, BABC-PNW


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