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British-American Business Council (BABC) Appoints Stuart Bagshaw as President

BABC, the global network that includes the Pacific Northwest regional British-American Business Connections chapter, has announced the appointment of Stuart Bagshaw as its new President. Bagshaw assumes the role from Tom Stevens, of BABC Chicago, who departed his post earlier this year.

Bagshaw boasts extensive experience in the transatlantic economic space, as current Chief Executive of British American Business LEAP (Land Expand Accelerator Program) LLC and past President, Chairman and current board member of the British-American Business Council Northern California.

Duncan Edwards, CEO, British-American Business Council said:

“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Stuart on his appointment as President of the BABC. With his prior experience in this space I have every confidence in his ability to continue delivering a fantastic standard of work in this new role and look forward to working with him closely over the coming months and years.”

Steve Allen, Chairman, British-American Business Council said:

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to our newly elected President of the BABC Stuart Bagshaw. I have known Stuart for many years through his involvement in our network as a former President and Chairman of Chapter in Northern California and I’m looking forward to working with him going forward.”

Stuart Bagshaw, President, British-American Business Council said:

"I am honored to accept the role of President of the BABC. Having been involved with this organization for almost 20 years, I have experienced the value that the BABC brings to any business with a strong interest in Transatlantic trade. This remarkable network has evolved over the decades helping to promote commerce and cooperation between the USA and the UK throughout its membership. As new governments come and go, the BABC has adapted and adjusted to accommodate policy and political changes on both sides of the Atlantic.

The BABC recognizes that it must stay current if it is to maintain its influence and its ability to remain one of the most respected business networks within the Atlantic alliance. I hope to continue the work of my predecessors in helping the organization add value to the current generation of members.”

About the British-American Business Council

The British-American Business Council is the largest transatlantic business network, dedicated to advancing economic growth for companies with operations in the UK and the US. BABC has more than 20 individual chapters, and over 2,000 member companies based in major business centres throughout North America and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit


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