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BAB Welcomes Minister of State for Trade Policy for Roundtable on UK-US Trade and Investment

On 14 June, BAB welcomed the UK Minister of State for Trade Policy, the Rt Hon Greg Hands MP, and senior colleagues from the Department for International Trade (DIT) trade team for a timely roundtable with leading firms in the transatlantic community.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the state of transatlantic trade and investment and how the business community can support government efforts undertaken around the UK-US Trade and Investment Working Group (TIWG).

The session was the first in a series of engagements between BAB and the DIT to go alongside the quarterly TIWG session, which alternate between the UK and the US.

Greg Hands has since resigned from the post of Minister of State for Trade Policy, and we look forward to working with the new Minister, the Rt Hon George Hollingbery MP. The next session will take place in London in the coming weeks as the US President visits the UK on 13 July.

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