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BABC Member, Port of Seattle, Releases Economic Impact Study on Sea-Tac International Airport and 20

BABC member, Port of Seattle, today released it's economic impact study on Sea-Tac International Airport and its 2017 passenger numbers. Links to today's announcement and the report are below.

Key highlights from the study include:

  • On-site activities directly supported 19,100 jobs, $5.6 billion in economic activity, and $1.4 billion in total compensation in 2017. The average annual compensation for these jobs is $73,500.

  • Visitor spending by those individuals travelling through our airport supported 68,200 jobs, $2.2 billion in total compensation, and $5.9 billion in economic activity.

  • Overall, both directly and through multiplier effects, Sea-Tac supported almost $22.5 billion in economic activity, 151,400 jobs throughout Washington and $7.1 billion in total compensation.

  • In 2017, the total economic activity attributable to Sea-Tac International Airport generated an estimated $425 million in state taxes.

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