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Premium Application Centre Opens In Seattle

The UK’s Home Office has opened a Premium Application Centre offering personalised services for UK visa applicants in Seattle. Until now, UK visa applicants either had to apply online and have their visas processed in New York (as they still can do), or visit the Premium Application Centre in San Francisco. This new Premium Application Centre in Seattle will process work, travel or study visas for the UK and can have them processed within as quickly as 24 hours. The Premium Application Centre is located at 701 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4200, Seattle, Washington 98104. The Centre may be contacted by email at Services offered include:

  • Gold Premium Visa Service: Next day processing and return of your visa

  • Priority Visa Service: Quicker processing of your visa application within 10 days

  • Flexible appointment choices during regular or prime time appointment slots

  • Walk-in Without an Appointment: Walk in without a prior appointment

  • Passport and Document Pickup flexible during hours of operation

  • Biometric enrolment: Fingerprint, signature, photo and biographic data capture

  • Digital Assist: Personalised form-filling services at the centre

  • Get it Right Service: Personalised document checking by the centre staff and the opportunity to submit missing documents to the UK Decision Making Centre within prescribed time-frame

  • Courier Service: Express delivery to the UK Decision Making Centre and return courier mail service of your passport and documents to the address of your choice

  • SMS Service: Automated real-time messages on the status of your passport and documents at each stage of your application

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