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Demand for Credit in Covid-Time

How to Manage Using Credit Insurance

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If you missed the May 28th webinar presentation by BABC member Meridian Finance Group, you can now watch the presentation on Credit Insurance on-demand below. Meridian discusses credit demand today and how to manage it successfully using trade credit insurance including:

  • Understanding how demand for trade credit is evolving in Covid-time.

  • Credit conditions in the USA, UK, and in other major overseas markets.

  • Why trade debtors need more credit and longer payment terms now.

  • Not allowing coronavirus excuses to mask underlying credit problems.

  • Credit insurance as risk management, sales growth, and financing tool.

  • Similarities/differences in the credit insurance markets in USA and UK.

  • How credit insurance underwriters are adapting to coronavirus risks.

  • Best practices for obtaining and using trade credit insurance coverage.


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