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British-American Business Connections provides a regional network for U.S. and British professionals and companies to foster relationships, cultivate partnerships, build business connections and engage in the greater transatlantic community.

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Are you an alumnus of The University of Manchester living in the greater Pacific Northwest? Click here to connect with your local alumni group.  

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To celebrate the holidays and support its mission BABC Member Orion is offering its first, limited edition Christmas Ornament. Each is one of 500 ornaments, made using the same precision machining tools, and with the same high-grade aluminum, that the company uses to make aircraft parts. Parts are produced as part of the Orion program, which provides skills that support Program Participants to secure living wage, long-term, stable, employment in our community.  Ornaments can be purchased with a $50 donation (plus tax and shipping) and are available at One hundred percent of the proceeds from Christmas Ornament sales go to support the mission of Orion.

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“The BABC is a fabulous organization that truly fosters UK/US business partnerships in creative, fun and informative environments like networking events, seminars and an unmissable newsletter.”

-Mel Carson, Founder & Principal Strategist

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