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EU Referendum 2016: Response & Resources

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EU Referendum 2016: Response & Resources

The UK's historic public EU Referendum vote will impact its future involvement and collaboration with continental Europe. Stay up-to-date on the the latest news, statements, insights, resources and more.

US-UK Trade Bill In Congress Just One Week After Brexit Vote (Heatstreet Article)

Despite claims that the US would banish Britain to the “back of the queue” if it dared to leave the European Union, Congress is already considering measures to boost trade with the UK. A bill to lock down current trading arrangements, and fire the starting gun on a bilateral deal, was introduced to the US Senate on June 30.

Boeing, UK Government announce long-term initiative for prosperity and growth

At the Farnborough International Airshow, the British Government and Boeing [NYSE: BA] are announcing a long-term partnering initiative to advance growth and prosperity in the United Kingdom. 

Atavus Rugby Techniques Helping Football Tackle Effectiveness

Congrats to BABC-PNW Member Atavus on the launch of their Atavus Tackle System™ aimed at changing the way tackling is taught, practiced and executed.

BABC-PNW member Verus Investments gives perspectives on Brexit

The news the U.K. has voted to leave the EU has caused surprise in the media, and concern in the markets. While it’s too early to say what will happen in the long term, BABC-PNW member Verus outlines a number of key points to put recent market moves in context.

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