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Phishing revealed as number one organization attack notes BABC member BSI

October 28 2020

BSI raises awareness of the top seven social engineering techniques used by attackers

Cyberattacks have risen dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. At one point during the height of the crisis, the FBI’s Cyber Division reported that complaints about cyberattacks had risen by 400% to as many as 4,000 per day. This mirrors an anecdotal poll¹ BSI recently held with phishing cited as the most frequent organization hack for 59 percent of respondents, this was followed by malware at 44 percent, web hack at 21 percent, credit card hack at 18 percent and wireless compromise at 12 percent.

BSI’s cybersecurity and information resilience team

continues to focus on educating organizations and individuals across industry sectors to raise awareness and mitigate the risks of social engineering techniques.

Social engineering techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated and are used to trick individuals into divulging confidential information or taking an action that may not be in their, or their organizations, best interest. Understanding and being aware of the social engineering techniques attackers use is vital for everyone.


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