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BABC Partner BBS Shares Updates on Relief & The Coronavirus Grant Program

Since mid-March of this year, the BBS has provided over $102,000 in financial aid including 37 Covid-19 Grants of $1,500 each. The number of weekly requests for assistance has declined, but the complexity of situations for those in need continues.

The BBS has repatriated 3 Brits who decided that remaining in the U.S. was not sustainable. Other requests for the Covid-19 Grants were justified by the need to help pay for essential needs such as insurance, groceries and medication. In one of the non Covid-19 related cases, BBS received a query from a Brit in her 80's. She had fallen on hard times and needed assistance covering essential medical bills, renewing her Green Card and British passport. She faced going to collections for non-payment and the stress was causing health problems. The BBS paid off all of her bills and is now working with her to renew her essential identification. In another non Covid-19 related case, the BBS contributed to the cost of a medi-flight for the victim of a hit and run in Los Angeles. The family of the victim, a young British woman, made arrangements for care upon arrival in Scotland. Though in a medically induced coma, the BBS was able to help her make her way home to be close to her family.


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