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BABC member Moore Kingston Smith Shares Insights on "Global mobility: EU posted workers enforce

The EU’s posted workers directive is coming into full effect on 30 July 2020. Most companies do not understand their obligations and responsibilities in this new compliance environment. This leaves some businesses potentially exposed to penalties for administrative failures. The UK has yet to fully embrace the scheme but UK employers need to review how they are affected when sending people to EU member states.

The original EU posted workers directive was designed to ensure workers moving across Europe have the same rights and living conditions as those living and working in the location of their secondment. Subsequent enforcement directives require these conditions to be implemented by the member states and host countries to be notified of any employees on secondment within their borders.

Although the directives were originally designed to protect employees on secondment between EU member states, many countries have expanded the scope of their notification procedures to include those on secondment from any country, not just those within Europe.

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