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BABC Member Moore Kingston Smith receives Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Silver Award

Congratulations to BABC Member Moore Kingston Smith (MKS). The company was awarded the Silver in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards 2019-2020. A Silver award means they are making demonstrable achievements in promoting the mental health of all their people, taking action across a number of key areas and demonstrating impact. Last year, MKS received a bronze award and worked hard to implement new wellbeing and mental health initiatives, such as signing the Time to Change Pledge, creating a fresher and more modern well-being policy and launching our wellbeing team.

By participating in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index, as well as the Time to Change Pledge, MKS made a long-term commitment to supporting the mental wellbeing of their people. Going forward, MKS has plans to further implement other key recommendations from a recent report finding, such as bringing mental health to life in their firm and ensuring that all people feel empowered to discuss their wellbeing and mental health openly in the workplace. The company's involvement in Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index means they are contributing towards cutting-edge research on workplace wellbeing. MKS is on a journey towards a better way of working where supporting the mental health of their people is part of everyday business. More information from Mind on how to support your mental health during Coronavirus and information to support the wellbeing of colleagues is available here.

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