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Trade Assocication Linked: A New BABC Resource

Trade Association Linked ( is a new venture currently in ‘test mode’ here in the Pacific Northwest.

This ‘by invite only’ online platform provides Trade Associations worldwide with:

  • A place to connect with new members;

  • A resource to promote existing members to new audiences; and

  • A way to engage with their industry via sharing of events, knowledge, jobs, news and more.

Trade Associations are invited to participate and they in turn invite their members to get involved. Association members can sponsor an industry, a country or globally, and this revenue will be shared with the Trade Association that the member belongs to.

During these challenging times all Trade Associations, including the BABC, are seeking new revenue sources, new members and ways in which to support their membership and partners. Trade Association Linked is going to deliver some fabulous capabilities and it certainly has perfect timing.

BABC will be inviting its members to participate in the very near future. In the meantime the platform would appreciate any feedback or questions to

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