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BritishAmerican Business Statement on Failure to Receive Parliamentary Approval for the Draft Agreem

London/New York - In response to the Draft Agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union failing to receive Parliamentary approval, Duncan Edwards, CEO, BritishAmerican Business (BAB) said:

“BAB gave its support to the Withdrawal Agreement in the absence of any viable alternatives and we are disappointed that it has failed to receive the necessary level of support in Parliament. The Agreement would have offered some much needed, if short-term, stability and certainty to businesses, especially those with complex cross-border supply chains.

The UK Government has three days to put alternative plans before Parliament and we urge it now to work with all parties to find a solution that avoids the unmitigated ‘no-deal’ scenario that our members are so concerned about. All potential solutions should be on the table.”


For a PDF copy of this statement, please click here.

Dominic Parker, Communications Manager | 020 7290 9882


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