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BritishAmerican Business Statement on the Agreement of New Open Skies Arrangements Between the UK an

London/New York – In response to yesterday’s announcement that the UK and US Governments have agreed on a new ‘open skies’ air services arrangement, BritishAmerican Business’ (BAB) Director of Policy and Trade, Emanuel Adam said:

“This announcement is certainly good news to the transatlantic business community. With the March 2019 Brexit deadline nearing, it came just in time. Since the referendum in June 2016, as part of BAB’s Brexit priorities, we have actively advocated for and worked with both Governments and relevant stakeholders to ensure that we reach an agreement that offers thousands of businesses a guarantee of the continuation of the air travel between the UK and the US, including on the world’s-busiest route between London and New York.

The agreement now presented ensures that the UK maintains access to international aviation markets; and it protects what is one of the most valuable economic relationships in the world.

We hope that this positive momentum can be maintained, and a similar agreement achieved with the European Union, to cement Britain’s global hub status, maintain essential tourism links, and grow business’ confidence in the UK economy.”


For a PDF copy of this statement, please click here.

Contact: Dominic Parker, Communications Manager | 020 7290 9882

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