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Principles for a New Chapter for the UK-US Economic Relationship

On November 1, BritishAmerican Business (BAB) released its 'Principles for a New Chapter in the UK-US Economic Relationship.' This paper serves as a precursor to BAB's submission on the UK Department for International Trade's consultation on trade negotiations with the United States on behalf of our wider membership and network. It lays out the key principles for our engagement around the consultation and the work of the UK-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Working Group over the coming months.

1. A strong trading relationship between the UK and EU is a crucial condition for the success of the future UK-US economic relationship.

2. Trade and investment needs to be part of an inclusive and transparent growth strategy for the UK.

3. A future UK-US FTA should set a new standard for transatlantic economic cooperation and regulatory alignment.

4. Perfection should not be the enemy of good.

To learn more or to get engaged with BAB's work on UK-US trade and investment please get in touch with Emanuel Adam, Executive Director, BritishAmerican Business London | 020 7290 9885

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