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BritishAmerican Business Statement on Progress of Brexit Negotiations

LONDON – The transatlantic business community welcomes the announcement that ‘sufficient progress’ has been made in Brexit negotiations between the UK Government and the European Commission, allowing for partners to discuss the future UK-EU trading relationship.

This latest development reflects a commitment by partners to protect EU citizens living and working in the UK and UK citizens living and working in EU countries and to avoid a hard border in Ireland,” said Emanuel Adam, Director of Policy and Trade at BritishAmerican Business.

“The UK Government must now build on that commitment and offer a clear vision as to what trading relationship it wants to have with the EU post-Brexit; a relationship that must work for businesses and people living in the UK while retaining our close and historic ties to the European Union,” commented Adam.

“Most importantly is for partners to agree on a sufficient transition and implementation period that allows for partners to a) build a relationship that works for both sides, b) prepare the necessary processes and infrastructure for this new relationship and c) allows for businesses to adjust.”

“Further, BritishAmerican Business calls on partners to ensure a future relationship between the UK and EU that allows for the seamless transfer of data, provides access to EU Research and Development funding, offers a flexible system to move and attract talent and skills on different levels, allows the UK to participate in the EU single aviation market and the EU-US Open Skies agreement, and creates a simplified and modern customs arrangement that minimises time that goods are spent in transit.”


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