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J1 Visa Program Update

In light of President Trump's Executive Order “Hire American, Buy American," the Trump Administration is conducting a review of multiple visa programs it sees as potentially harming American workers. Many fear that this Executive Order will negatively impact these programs. Although there have been no concrete policy announcements to come from the review, BABC partner BAB is engaging actively in the dialogue surrounding the topic.

This September 2017, they wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee in regards to the approved Amendment aimed at protecting the J1 Exchange Visitor Program and concerns that may address reforms of the current J1 Visa Program.

The letter emphasises that the UK is a key advocate and participant with the J1 Visa Exchange Visitors Program. In the fiscal year 2016 alone, there were 20,784 individuals issued a Exchange Visitors Program visa from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

BAB expressed our concern that any modifications to the Exchange Visitors Program will have unintended consequences that will affect the competitiveness of our members working on both sides of the Atlantic in diverse sectors from the hospitality, tourism, educational and numerous other private sector programs. We thus urged the US Government to work with the private sector, including our members, to continue to support the valuable cultural exchange program that facilitates progress and development within American communities across the country.

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