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Dr. Raymond Davies, Ph.D.
J Lawrence Industries

  • LinkedIn - Raymond Davies

Dr. Davies has over three decades of top-level international experience within a full range of market sectors: advanced engineering (aero/space, defense, energy, marine), construction, health/care, mining and software/electronics and is an integral part of the strategic leadership team at J Lawrence Industries.


Having a defense background with the UK Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment (AUWE) within the transformative torpedo design team, Dr. Davies obtained his Ph.D. in surface metallurgy and engineering adhesion from the UK’s foremost Engineering School, Imperial College, London (ICL) with an Admiralty bursary. 

Dr. Davies’ particular skill is in the planning and strategic leadership of creating new market opportunities internationally with the ability and drive to deliver those opportunities. This is coupled with a high degree of political skill within the UK, US, and Canada with a specialisation in political relationship development to integrate political thought into deliverable industrial and social policy. 

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