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Delicious turkey sandwich with lettuce,

BABC presents

'At the Lunch Table'

Virtual Series

Lunchtime Business Gatherings on select Wednesdays in June

12:00pm - 1:00pm (pst)


Zoom Video

Free to Attend. Spaces Are Limited.


BABC invites you to join in one or all of three free virtual lunchtime business gatherings on Wednesdays in June, on the 10, 17 & 24, as part of our 'At the Lunch Table' Series. 


Grab your lunch, get comfortable at your favorite table or desk, and come participate in a brown bag business discussion on key topics. This is an opportunity for casual and friendly conversation on issues impacting businesses, as well as a chance to network with new and familiar colleagues across varying work disciplines.


Events kick off with a welcome and brief overview, then provide 50 minutes for open dialogue and thought leadership.

Download & Share the Flyer

Free to attend. Open to all business professionals. Spaces limited to 15 participants to ensure an engaging experience. Sign up early to ensure your spot. Zoom details shared in advance of event.

June 10: How hard has manufacturing been hit & can it bounce back?

Manufacturing has seemingly taken a harder than average hit. What happens  If consumer demand continues to decline?

  • Will manufacturers be at risk for disruption, pivot to gradually move to onshoring production cycles, or diversify their operations to support different industry sectors?
  • Will sectors, like defense, rise above or be impacted if governments don’t have the cash or appetite for taking on additional debt to support defense spending?

  • With ongoing volatility in costs, policy decisions, labor availability and more, what changes are coming to the manufacturing industry?

June 17: What does the present pandemic mean for the future of transportation?

Large cities have transport systems focused on meeting a huge demand in a safe, on-time, economical way – pressure to deliver and add services. Today, that pressure has shifted towards keeping systems operational and safe amidst a declining ridership.

  • What's next for bus and rail as recovery takes place?
  • With uncertain passenger confidence and usage, will public transport decrease while car sales boom?

  • If rider demand remains low, will it prompt additional service cuts and how will it impact those in communities that need it the most?

June 24: How are companies adapting to sudden change & what does the future hold?

Companies are facing unexpected and sudden changes to traditional business operations. Some businesses are easily adapting and pivoting, while others are struggling.

  • How are companies working to ensure their success and continue to scale?
  • What strategies are keeping employees engaged and motivated?

  • Is the sudden restriction to employee mobility internationally and regionally a hindrance or will it become the new normal?

  • Will companies rethink the traditional office environment in favor of a virtual workforce?

  • How will health and safety issues impact the blue-collar and service/hospitality workforce?


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