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British-American Business connection is the Pacific Northwest chapter of the BritishAmerican Business Network of transatlantic companies and business professionals who seek to:

  • connect and develop their regional, transatlantic, and global business/operations;

  • explore and/or pursue transatlantic operations and expansion;

  • cultivate professional and business relationships;

  • extend a reach into Global Britain opportunities.

Our Members

Our members include multi-national corporations, small-to-midsize enterprises, small business innovators and entrepreneurs, growth-stage companies, British companies with operations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and states surrounding the Pacific Northwest region, and companies across varied industries keen to grow across the Atlantic and to places around the globe. Members of our chapters represent industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, biotech, life sciences, fintech, logistics, professional services, technology, and retail. Specifically, members of our business trade association are:

  • U.S. based companies (SME & Corporates) who seek transatlantic and regional access, business, and policy introductions, and who aim to influence transatlantic and regional business, trade, and investment opportunities.

  • UK based companies (SME & Corporates) who seek U.S. opportunities, connections, introductions, and access to resources, services, and information.

  • U.S. and UK business professionals (small business innovators, start-ups & entrepreneurs) who want to connect, develop, and grow their business, and explore UK/U.S. opportunities, as well as Pacific Northwest regional offerings.

Member Benefits

Our members benefit from transatlantic business and trade activities and initiatives rooted under four key pillars:

  • Relationship and business development.

  • Regional and community exchange.

  • Business promotion.

  • Advocacy and governmental interaction.

Member Options

Membership with our Pacific Northwest chapter is offered through five tiered levels and renewable annually as outlined below. One membership covers activities and access across the greater Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Membership includes an extension of selected benefits within our BritishAmerican Business Network ( of  22 chapters across the U.S., Canada, and UK.


For details on specific member levels and associated benefits, contact our membership team at Download our Membership Brochure. Ready to join now? Click the 'sign up' button below under the level of your member choice.


(30 yrs. & Under)












Maximize Your Membership

Ask for Connections

What are you seeking? Whom do you want to connect to? Provide specific details and the BABC team can better help you and your company reach out to members & global networks. Sending a request is the first step.

Share Information

What can you share with BABC to showcase your business? White papers, press releases, other announcements or industry insights? Include on your member profiles to engage interest.

Highlight Your Expertise

Submit your insights to BABC IMPACT. This public-facing blog highlights members' expertise, services and more. Consider what you could provide and publish that would be of value, timely and thought-provoking.

Host An Event

Share your expertise with the transatlantic business community. Secure a speaker, some office space or use an already planned event and partner with BABC to elevate the opportunity to professionals.

Host a Business Mixer

Open your company doors and invite members to learn more about you. Host light refreshments.This is a fun and easy way to engage the BABC member community.

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