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CCW Business Solutions/Crowe UK LLP

  • LinkedIn - Emily Bryson

Emily’s tenured career includes more than 17 years helping hundreds of companies understand how to structure international operations, correctly hire international employees, overcome associated challenges with international expansion, and ensure compliance overseas.


Her specialty areas of focus include international tax planning and entity set-up requirements, international employment law, international benefits, payroll and associated employer’s costs, centralized multi-country financial accounts, payroll, tax and compliance service, international expansion panels, and formal sales training.


Emily is based in Boulder, CO with her husband, five children, and two dogs. She is very excited about her 17-year-old’s commitment to the University of Oregon! Her family loves mountain biking and she enjoys all of the many sports and activities that her kids are involved in. In her role with CCW, she oversees the entirety of the Pacific Northwest region.

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